Bellinis Restaurant History

We have tried to create a relaxed place where people can come and enjoy the atmosphere, feel at home and eat delicious simple food. We have very limited fridge space, which is actually a blessing in disguise, because most of the food gets delivered every day. It’s always fresh.

The clientele is varied. People come in slip-slops and shorts with their kids, or in black tie, straight from a function where there was no catering.

We really try to make all our guests feel at ease, old and young, rich and poor, smart or casual. Everyone is treated the same - and everyone leaves feeling special knowing that they got great value for money.

Bellinis has been going for almost 26 years - something of a record in the industry. Children of regular customers are now regulars themselves. Makes us all feel a bit older but all the staff love working in an atmosphere, where the clients, mostly regulars, become our friends.

Although due to demand, we take bookings at lunch time during the week; our evenings are on a first come first served basis. It works well because if people arrive, and there is no available table, they can have a drink in the bar and wait for one – soaking up the relaxed and informal atmosphere amongst friends.

We really strive to serve good wholesome food, at an affordable price. Like our food, the wines are also not a rip off. The portions are generous, and often a meal will be shared. We do charge a corkage fee however as we are fully licenced.

Bellinis has become second home for everyone including celebrities, sportspeople – local and international, political leaders and airline crew. The one thing everyone can count on is consistency and simplicity and this combined with real value for money creates a winning formula.

We are conveniently located in Illovo, close to the Wanderers International Cricket stadium, and situated between the World Class hotels of Rosebank and Sandton. Most of the leading hotels will arrange transport to and from Bellinis.

If it is fast food you are wanting; If it is frills and garnishes; If it is preferential treatment; - then Bellinis is not for you. What you will get is great food; great atmosphere; unobtrusive professional service and great value – all of which will leave you feeling relaxed, satisfied and special. Isn’t that why everyone goes out?

We look forward to welcoming you at Bellinis soon.

Bellinis Restaurant - Tel: 011 880 9168/9 -

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